3 Simple Ways to Handle Indecisiveness

Breathe, Believe, Receive

Are you feeling lost at times? Are you indecisive at times? 

Well, let me tell you, feeling lost is common, but being indecisive (not able to make decisions) is not helpful. As soon as we start our day we make a lot of small decisions like ‘I will eat this, ‘I will wake up early, ‘I will do work out today, ‘I will wear this,’ etc. 

The real challenge comes when one needs to make some big decisions like ‘I will change my job’, ‘I will change my location’, ‘I will start a business, ‘I will do higher studies, and so on. Taking good or bad decisions are choices, but yes, some have the skills to make good decisions some may not. Because choices are confusing, it makes you restless and anxious about the future.

Here are some tips that you can follow to keep calm and make better decisions:

  • Meditation: This might be a boring topic for some because many of us don’t know its value. Let me be more clear here, many of us do not experience the meditated state of mind. Once you experience, one will realise it is the most blissful state of mind one can have. Better decision-making can come from a better state of mind. Meditation does help you to calm your mind. It reduces stress and anxiety. It also helps you think healthy. It helps to make the thoughts clearer. So, try it once regardless if you are indecisive or not.
  • Avoid overthinking: Overthinking is the first step to depression. Also, we should train our mind that we can’t get everything; taking one decision might close doors for another. That’s okay because things will be in the right place if we work hard and with dedication. 
  • Trust your instincts: Have you ever come across situations that are solved based on your thoughts? For, e.g. if we think positively and start work, it turns out to be better. Also, we are blessed with an inner voice that helps us think better. We need to trust in that, and we will surely get a good life. 

Doing something instead of nothing is always better. These tricks can make you feel better and help you build self-confidence. We should accept that some decisions might not work out well and get ready for the outcomes. It is always better to have plans A and B. Suppose one plan doesn’t work out, definitely the other might. Backups are life-saving hacks that everyone should keep in life. 

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