5 Things To Do To Feel More Happy And Alive

Breathe, Believe, Receive

We are at our pace to perform better and do well in whichever profession we are in. It is ok if you feel you are in a rat race. The problem is not this, but not feeling energetic and alive at a point. 

Have you ever thought about what makes you feel more alive? What makes you feel joyous? What makes you feel lively? 

If you have not thought about it now, it is time to start thinking about it so, in this way, you can boost and uplift your mental health. It may be anything you are interested in. It might be singing, dancing, playing guitar, painting, etc., which suits your personality. 

You can boost your mental health through the following ways:

  1. Find out your interest: We are born with some talents, and sometimes ignore them in the mid of life’s “race”. Sit alone, try to find your interest and work on it, you can do wonders with it. If you are still unaware of what’s, your interest and passion find it out. You need the best way to find this out, go for a walk in nature quietly, come back, take a hot shower and write your heart out!
  1. Explore yourself: Check the inner self what you are good at, try different things it may be yoga, learning guitar, singing, coaching others, swimming, etc. Finally, after exploring, you will get to know what you are good at. It will provide bliss and joy in your life. 
  1. Treat yourself better: We might think about society or family, about their happiness and wishes, but have you ever thought about your wishes? Have you accomplished that yet? Treat yourself better maybe by buying your favorite self care items, having healthy food, spending on a massage or a hair spa, etc. A treat should not make you bloated or hungover for a week, it should NOURISH you.
  1. Check your happiness score:  Check if you are happy with the work you do. Is it fruitful and helps in your mental wellbeing? You will get the answer yourself because no one knows yourself better than you. If you aren’t, happily find your happiness by exploring, knowing your passion. Happiness boosts mental health and makes you feel lively and happy. 
  1. Restrict dominance and negative thoughts: You might not have a dominant work culture where you need to work according to the orders, but if it is so, this gradually slows down your confidence. You pretend that you are happy, but you are not. And pretending, it is also harmful for your own peace of mind. Don’t ignore this feeling. Keep yourself free and boost your own emotional health. Please stay away from negativities, and it can be people, workplace, environment. Stay aware. 

We feel alive and lively doing what we are passionate about or even while doing some self-care acts. It boosts your mental health and makes you feel lively and alive, Whereas living a monotonous life in the same stagnant position might destroy your mental wellness. 


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