An Apple A Day!

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‘An apple a day’ is a beautiful thing to adapt in one’s diet. Apples are a powerhouse of nutrients which help in protecting our body.

Our clients keep saying that, after including apples in the diet, they have been experiencing greater level of immunity and better digestion.

Apples have natural wax in them which helps them to stay fresh for a long time. However, to keep them fresh while transport, sometimes farmers add permitted, food-grade wax to it. Wash them well(if necessary, with saltwater) before consuming.

Properly stored apples can remain fresh up to 2 months. Even if it takes some days for apples to reach your place from where it actually grows, it is absolutely fine to have it without the fear of losing its nutrients.

Here are a few tips and tricks about adding apples to your diet.
🍎 Carry an apple as your mid-morning snack to your workplace.
🍎The vitamin C in apples will be intact at the time you eat if you bite and eat a whole apple.
🍎Apples are the great food to have in the midnight when you are hungry after a long journey or tiring work.
🍎They are safe to consume at any time of the day.
🍎Apples are great detoxifiers, they help in improving bowel movement, avoiding constipation, boosting immunity and filling your tummy.

If you have not been eating an apple a day, start eating them from today, and tell us how you feel! 🙂

Eat gentle, stay healthy!

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