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3 Simple Ways to Handle Indecisiveness

Are you feeling lost at times? Are you indecisive at times?  Well, let me tell you, feeling lost is common,…
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These Snacks Could Be Your Protectors!

Snack times are great opportunities to nourish your body and mind.  When we all understand about nourishing the body, a…
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4 Most Effective Ways to Tackle Stress

Who isn’t stressed when life just happens?  Some amount of stress is much needed. However, if you are “too stressed”,…
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These Food Colors Can Make You Glow With Health!

Eat a rainbow! A Rainbow diet or eating a rainbow is something that is very popular among healthy eating enthusiasts. …
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Love for these foods can cause harm that one cannot reverse!

Why do most of us love unhealthy foods so much? Did the meeting go wrong? Eat a burger! Did I…
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Why is it difficult to stick to a good habit and easy to form a bad habit?

Good habits are difficult to stick to because we don’t get the results quickly, and we have not much patience to wait for good results. For example, we skip work out and opt for unhealthy habits because we don’t see the results or work out quickly. It makes us feel awkward, and we think there is no use in doing work out or sleeping early, or maybe eating healthy food.

Energy Booster Foods!

Some foods can quickly replenish energy to the body in a really sustainable way. It helps build muscle function and provides power to the body maybe for work out, office work, travelling etc. So, there is a need for accurate information on power foods that makes us healthy.

How much do you know about blood pressure?

Well, blood pressure is the force that the heart uses to pump blood throughout the body. Generally speaking, ideal blood…
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Mental Health vs Mental Illness Understand Better

Mental health and Mental illness are completely different concepts which people almost get confused about their effects. Suffering from depression,…
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Easiest Way to Eat Better and Stay Hydrated!

Tell me how many times have we all heard about eating better and also staying hydrated. You need to eat…
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