Breathe, Believe, Receive

Eat Better 1 – When to Eat

It is a great feeling to see how clean eating has become a hot topic now. When the awareness about eating better is is good, talking about good foods, calories and portions have become so trendy that everyone gets to gather a lot of information about this from all over. At times it becomes overwhelming…
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An Apple A Day!

‘An apple a day’ is a beautiful thing to adapt in one’s diet. Apples are a powerhouse of nutrients which help in protecting our body. Our clients keep saying that, after including apples in the diet, they have been experiencing greater level of immunity and better digestion. Apples have natural wax in them which helps…
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That health label may be lying

I was super impressed with the number of products in Indian supermarkets being labelled as ‘lite’, ‘healthy’ etc. I thought that the modern age has truly come wherein I can munch my favourite snacks without worrying about its impact on my health. Boy, was I wrong !Just the other day, I picked up a pack…
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You too can meditate!

Meditation is something which one incorporate to her life without any cost, still adding lots of value to this life. If you are a person who is yet to experience the meditative state of mind, you can start it right here, now. Regardless of where you are present physically, your mind can keep meditating and…
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Do we breathe?

“Do we really breathe?” If we stop for a while and think a little more on this, the results our brain comes up with will be fascinating! We do not put any effort into breathing. Just like the heart continuously beats, the breathing process is continuous happens without any conscious effort. No one teaches a…
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