Category: Self Help

Mental Health vs Mental Illness Understand Better

Mental health and Mental illness are completely different concepts which people almost get confused about their effects. Suffering from depression,…
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When did you smile last time?

Name an expression that can show happiness, amusement, pleasure, kindness, and positivity! I guess you already got it right, it…
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Boost your mental health with a thought: ‘You are awesome.’

Mental health might get affected due to many reasons. It might be workload, relationships, not achieving goals, poverty, insecurities, unhealthy…
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Secrets to Selfcare during Work From Home

Are you working from home? How good is your mental and physical health? There is no doubt that the outbreak…
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Drinking water doesn’t have to be hard. Read this easy way!

An all time advise we all hear is to drink adequate amount of water. Water flushes the toxins, it cools…
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Listen! Learn to listen better!

Are you listening well? I am not talking about your physical capabilities of listening. In this writing, I’m particularly talking…
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