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Breathe, Believe, Receive

3 Simple Ways to Handle Indecisiveness

Are you feeling lost at times? Are you indecisive at times?  Well, let me tell you, feeling lost is common,…
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4 Most Effective Ways to Tackle Stress

Who isn’t stressed when life just happens?  Some amount of stress is much needed. However, if you are “too stressed”,…
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Mental Health vs Mental Illness Understand Better

Mental health and Mental illness are completely different concepts which people almost get confused about their effects. Suffering from depression,…
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When did you smile last time?

Name an expression that can show happiness, amusement, pleasure, kindness, and positivity! I guess you already got it right, it…
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Boost your mental health with a thought: ‘You are awesome.’

Mental health might get affected due to many reasons. It might be workload, relationships, not achieving goals, poverty, insecurities, unhealthy…
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Secrets to Selfcare during Work From Home

Are you working from home? How good is your mental and physical health? There is no doubt that the outbreak…
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5 Detox Mantras for a stress-free mind

Have you ever felt low after seeing/reading something on social media? Did you ever feel the hatred messages that you…
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3 easy things to remember when you start overthinking

Are you a person who “overthinks”?  When you continuously think about something that bothers you, which is nowhere near to…
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