Know Your Breath Before Bad Breath Makes Things Go Wrong!

Breathe, Believe, Receive

Bad breath is something that is ignored by lots and lots. It is generally treated as something as simple as that could go away if one brushes their teeth well. But does it, really? Not always. 

It is also important to brush our teeth twice a day because it obstructs the formation of bacteria that is present in food particles that stay in our teeth. In addition, it stops bad breath slowly, but sometimes even after brushing, bad breathing doesn’t go off. 

Not every bad breath is a dangerous disease. Still, bad breath may sometimes be due to some issues related to the respiratory system, kidney, diabetics, throat infections, etc. 

It might also be due to gastric problems or infection; the food you have consumed is not broken down properly; this might lead to issues related to the stomach and other parts of the body. Bad breathing is like a warning sign that tells a lot about your body. 

Here are some causes of bad breath:

  • Unhealthy food: Food like chocolates, fried, oily food, etc., have no nutritional value; also, deep-fried foods which are not fresh as well. These tend to create digestion problems and lead to bad breath. 
  • Smoking: There is no necessity of explaining how bad smoking is. It makes your body addicted and gradually becomes a habit. It also can lead to bad breath. 
  • Poor dental hygiene: If you are not brushing properly, it will lead to bad breathing since the bacterial will not get turned off from the mouth. 
  • Improper sleep: Our body repairs while we sleep. If there is a lack of sleep, this might lead to bad breathing because it will not let your body repair well. It affects the respiratory organs and leads to bad breathing. 

How to treat bad breathing?

There are a few things that you can always do to keep your breath healthy. 

  • Healthy diet: Healthy diet provides nutrients to the body that helps in the overall wellness of the body. So include fresh fruits and veggies in the diet in spite of refining food. 
  • Brush twice: Sometimes, bad breathing can be treated by brushing twice because it helps remove the unfriendly bacteria from the mouth. 
  • See a doctor: Even after taking personal measures, if bad breathing doesn’t go off, it would be best if you see a doctor to check if the treatment needs to be beyond the personal measures that you have taken.  

If you have a bad breath, don’t ignore it because it shows an indication of your health. It is a warning sign that tells how your body is doing. Take effective measures to cure it if not working should visit a physician immediately. 


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