Nutrition Consultation – Diet & Lifestyle

Nutrition Consultation – Diet & Lifestyle


Our Consultation involves:
1. One: One discussion with you
        Here we spend typically 30 minutes with you to understand your specific dietary and lifestyle needs. We also discuss your specific goals. 
2.  Personalized diet, fitness and mindfulness plan
        We provide customized diet and lifestyle plan which involves a diet chart, habit recommendations to meet your desired goals. We also consider your lifestyle preferences while preparing your diet chart.
3. One: One discussion with you 
         Here we help you understand your diet chart and lifestyle plan. We will give you tips to help you stick to the plan and achieve your goals. This discussion typically lasts 30 minutes to an hour. 
4. Follow up call 1, based on appointment
          After 15 days of your diet and lifestyle plan implementation, we provide a follow-up call to address your queries, if any, and also to support your progress.
5. Follow-up call 2, based on appointment
          After 30 days of following the diet and lifestyle plan, we meet again to monitor your progress, clarify doubts, and provides suggestions for further improvements. 


A detoxing lifestyle along with adequate nutrition nourishes the body, thus the soul.

Food is divine, and if it is rightly taken, can work wonders on the body and mind.

We always provide the best diet chart and lifestyle guidelines for our clients, based on their body’s nature.

Our co-founder Shruthi has worked with various clients as a nutrition and Ashtanga Yoga Consultant. She is also specialized in Yogic food guidance. You can book an appointment with her for her special guidance.

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