Secrets to Selfcare during Work From Home

Breathe, Believe, Receive

Are you working from home? How good is your mental and physical health?

There is no doubt that the outbreak of Covid-19 has imposed companies to adopt more and more work from home culture almost for all the employees, and it has become a part of life now so far. Of course, it has its own advantages which we should never forget.

But the question here is, are you really happy when you work from home? Have you checked on your mental and physical wellness?

Let’s do a quick view of the merits and demerits of work from home.


  • Productivity: The productivity of work is more after work from home is imposed because it is observed that employees work long hours to complete the defined task.(It is an advantage for the employer, however now you need to think, how well are you managing this with your health?)
  • Flexibility: Employees can easily log in to finish their tasks on the weekend, late nights, or so. It gives them freedom in completing their talk before deadlines. (Again, is this doing any good for you?)

Demerits apart from those mentioned before,

  • Interactions: Personal interaction with other humans is limited, and it might lead to more stress over work as you can’t share your thoughts in person.
  • Unhealthy weight: Sitting in one place and continuously working for hours may lead to weight gain. Also, not being able to maintain sleep hygiene can take a toll on your physical and emotional health, which is not at all desirable.

Work from home has also developed a lack of physical activity, lack of sleep hygiene, self-care, and sitting in wrong postures throughout all day.

We can follow simple steps to stay healthy during this work from home tenure:

  • Take a walk break in between the work. Get up every one hour and walk at least five minutes.
  • Make a disciplined routine of taking a bath and keeping yourselves clean.
  • Check on your posture while working because most of us might end up working on sofa, beds, etc.
  • Set up a home office by tidying your room with a separate section for office work. It will provide positivity and motivation to work. It also will help you in better sleep.
  • Replace junk food with fresh fruits and vegetables.

Self-awareness is a key to lead a healthy life, and we should be aware of our habits and adopt only the positive ones.

Embrace the love for yourself and take care of your health by taking small positive steps.

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