Do we breathe?

Breathe, Believe, Receive

“Do we really breathe?” If we stop for a while and think a little more on this, the results our brain comes up with will be fascinating!

We do not put any effort into breathing. Just like the heart continuously beats, the breathing process is continuous happens without any conscious effort. No one teaches a baby how to breathe. Ashtanga Yoga from ancient Indian culture includes certain breathing techniques called as Pranayama. It is in very simple terms, the process of extending the duration of breath intake and exhalation. It helps tremendously in improving the physical and psychological health of a human being.

In simple terms, the supply of one basic element – air(Oxygen) to our body can be referred to as breathing. Every cell in our body needs Oxygen to be alive. Imagine you are in a place without air, we are just like fishes out of water in that case. And yes, it is the end of our life if we stop breathing. So, definitely breathing is a process that we should take some more care about and enrich the way we breathe.

The beauty of Breathing:

Explaining the beauty of breathing is quite a difficult task. It’s all about one’s experience which shows it. Take two minutes for yourself and watch out your breathing. Do you feel that the air you inhale reaches its destination? In other words, does your in-breath reaches all the way to the bottom of your lungs? As you breathe in, if you feel that you are filling energy into your body and can feel each cell of your body enjoying and celebrating the supply of a good amount of Oxygen, that is when you are breathing it right and you can then start realizing the beauty in breathing!

When our body cells get a good amount of Oxygen, our body becomes more healthful and starts rejuvenating! When your body feels good, definitely mind also enjoys it and keeps you more active and happy. There your mind gets detoxified and body starts rejuvenating in its own way.

Simple Pranayama

Hope you enjoy the lovely way of breathing! Do write about your experiences in our comment section below.

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