Why is it difficult to stick to a good habit and easy to form a bad habit?

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Why is it difficult to stick to a good habit and easy to form a bad habit? 

Have you ever noticed that we are attracted towards forming a bad(or let’s call it “unhealthy”) habit very quickly? For example, drinking alcohol, always sleeping late, eating sugary food, sitting lazily every time, scrolling on phones, watching series continuously, etc. Slowly, we make this a part of our life. 

But have you ever thought, how is this beneficial for your livelihood? Is this good for your health? Is this productive?

The answer to all of these questions will be ‘No’. We are attracted towards forming a bad habit quickly because we find happiness in a moment. A momentary in doing nothing, eating sugary products, and whatnot. To conquer that satisfaction, we continue doing that every time, which badly impacts our health and day-to-day life. Just like how addictions work, momentary happiness can become an addiction and make one repeat the action that gives that kind of happiness. 

Good habits are difficult to stick to because we don’t get the results quickly, and we have not much patience to wait for good results. For example, we skip work out and opt for unhealthy habits because we don’t see the results or work out quickly. It makes us feel awkward, and we think there is no use in doing work out or sleeping early, or maybe eating healthy food. 

Good habits results come late, but it has a really good impact on our body, and we need to train our minds to accept it. 

A few reminders that can help to form a good habit:

1) Stay patient because you know the results will come in a longer-term.

2) Start with small targets and slowly make your targets big.

3) Dedication mixing with good habits is beneficial. Hence Stay dedicated.

4) Invest time in good habits. 

5) Ignore excuses.

These few tips might change your life because you are special, and you should take care of yourself, accepting everything good for you. 

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